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Wi-fi Detecting

When it's combined with Wi-Fi Detecting, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) becomes the hottest and smartest medium to reach consumers on-the-go.

The world is becoming more connected, and DOOH is no exception. Every day, new sources of data become available, enabling the creation of more contextually relevant communications. New technologies will enable DOOH to integrate more effectively with other platforms, such as mobile.

Wi-Fi Detecting makes cities smart and advertisers smarter. DON'T think of DOOH and mobile as separate channels. The two are intimately linked and must be approached with a view to how they complement each other.

With the new Wi-Fi Detecting technology, we can analyze the traffic around any digital screen by providing real data on the number of unique people and the frequency with which they travel in the area where our locations are located.

As DOOH becomes a ubiquitous feature of smart cities, you, the advertisers, should consider how to produce content that’s genuinely useful.

Wi-Fi Detecting